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Anxiety doesn’t have to own you.

Meet Kio

Simple, natural, and effective anxiety relief with just 3 ingredients


Your new best friend. This plant taps into your GABA receptors to block out the chaos and promote calmness.

Vitamin B6

Lavender’s trusty sidekick. This vitamin is responsible for replenishing your GABA receptors to promote continued feelings of calmness.


Your personal massage therapist. This essential mineral eases muscle tension from head to toe for total body relaxation.

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Say goodbye to Anxiety…

…and hello to Calm

People Love Kio

Energy Energy

We created Kio because we were tired of being told that addictive prescription drugs were the solution to our anxiety.

Kio Calm

  • plant based
  • soothing, calm effect
  • safe, worry-free ingredients

Petroleum-based Pharmaceuticals

  • oil-based
  • zombie effect
  • high overdose risk

Have Questions?

Kio calm is an active supplement and crosses the blood brain barrier and interacts with the gaba system to reduce stimulus

A supplement with a short term intended effect

4-6 hours

That’s up to your body. We recommend 1-2 as needed.

If you are generally sensitive to these things, always start with 1.

If you are over 150 pounds and have never thought of yourself as overly sensitive to drugs try 2.

If you try 1 and it doesn’t feel like anything then try 2 next time.