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Kio Calm™

What is Kio Calm?

Kio Calm is the first-ever fast-acting plant-based anxiety relief supplement. At Kio we believe in an all-natural solution, as mother nature intended. Through our research, we’ve discovered that lavender extract consumed orally has been proven to be as effective as leading pharmaceutical drugs meant to relieve anxiety.


Energy Energy

Your Natural State is Calm

Our plant-based anxiety supplements are convenient shortcuts to fighting anxiety and returning to your natural state of calm.
Calm Calm
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Three Simple Ingredients

Your new best friend. This trusted plant taps into your GABA receptors to block out the chaos and promote feelings of calmness.
Your personal massage therapist. This essential mineral eases muscle tension from head to toe for total body relaxation.
Vitamin B6
Lavender's trusty sidekick. This vitamin is responsible for replenishing your GABA receptors to promote continued feelings of calmness.

It's not just a pretty capsule

100% Organic
Our lavender is sourced from the world’s most premium organic lavender farms.
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We believe
in a plant-based future
Our mission is to make safe, natural, and effective, plant-based alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals that enhance your everyday life.