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When should I take Kio Calm?

We recommend taking Kio Calm whenever you feel anxious, whether that’s before an important business meeting, exam, or even a first date! A lot of our customers take it daily a few hours before bed to help them wind down in replacement of a beer or wine. 

How many can I take per day?

You can take up to 4 capsules per day!

Can they be taken daily?

Yes, absolutely! 

Will it make me drowsy at work?

No, if you take just one capsule it will actually help keep you focused, however the more you take, the more relaxed you’ll feel. 


Are the ingredients natural?

Yes, ALL of our ingredients are 100% natural. 

Are the ingredients organic?

No, they are not organic.

Are the ingredients vegan?

Yes, every single ingredient is plant-based!

Are the ingredients non-GMO?


Does it contain CBD?

No, there are zero hemp or cannabis ingredients. 

Where is it produced?

In an FDA-certified facility here in the USA!

Are your products tested?

Yes, every single batch is actually tested three times! We test for heavy metals, pesticides, and accuracy of weight of all ingredients. 

Is it backed by clinical studies?

Yes! Here is just one example (blue link)

What kind of magnesium does it contain?

Great question young chemist! It’s magnesium glycinate.

Can children take it?

Yes! However we only recommend 1 per day. 

Is it safe to ingest lavender?

Absolutely! The clinical study above proved its safe efficacy. 

Product experience

How long does it take to start working?

15 minutes or less!

What should I expect to feel from Kio?

A very loose and relaxed feeling. 

Shipping and refunds

When will I receive my Kio?

We ship within 3-5 business days!

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes! However it’s $20 flat-rate shipping fee.