our story

kio family,


your natural state is calm.

from excessive worrying to freaking out in social situations, anxiety manifests itself in many ways and takes us away from our natural state. no one should have to live with anxiety… yet tens of millions of people do, every day (check out these articles from ADAA and NIMH).

there are many drugs to cope with anxiety, but we believe in overcoming your problems– not escaping from them. alcohol and xans might numb you temporarily, but with extended use they both have harsh side effects and consequences.

our mission with kio was clear: create a natural anxiety-relief supplement that makes people noticeably calmer.

after a year of research and development with some of the top chemists in the world and loads of personal investment into the project, kio was born.

take kio when you’re feeling stressed or have racing thoughts. use kio to help you get better sleep. try taking kio before meditating for an ultra-zen experience.

kio helps you feel calm. it’s vegan, made from plants, and has been scientifically proven to be as effective as Valium (check out this medical journal and article).

anyone and everyone can use kio. we know you'll love it, and we're excited to share kio with the world.

get calm, get kio.


with love,

the kio team